Field and Game - 1 Nov 2020

Table of content - Field and Game (1 Nov 2020)

Bush to Banquet, Vet advice, gundogs, shooting psychology and more…
From the Editor
Across the Ditch
Across the Ditch: behind those eyes
Vale Rod Drew: our tribute to a champion of our cause
Duck tracking: first data from NSW DPI
Adaptive harvest: building a new model
Michaela Shirley: hunting is better together
Hunting: get a taste of the Northern Territory
The General: when the rice was good
Editor reflections: 5 years behind the FGA lens
Hunting the Heart: 2021 access details
FGA chairman:
Tom Brinkworth: a tribute
Fox pursuit
Michaela Shirley
Duck tracking
Bush to banquet
Shoot dates: a handy guide to FGA shoots for the next three months
Bush to Banquet: conversations through food and pheasant leg moutarde
Branch News: getting back to shooting
Vet Advice: Dr Karen Davies on soothing old bones
Gundogs: Mark Davis looks at spaniels
Shooting psychology: many parts to perfect performance
Outfoxed: why COVID was good for foxes
Fox pursuit: Jason Smith’s passion for this pest
Ian Burns: a hunting life
We can emerge stronger
We can emerge stronger
Together we will flourish
Vale Rod Drew; a champion bloke
Get to real hunting Territory
Adaptive Harvest
Valuable duck data from NSW
Ducks fitted with solar powered GPS transmitters in the Riverina region in November 2019.
GPS tracks for Pacific Black Duck fitted with 17g solar satellite transmitters
GPS tracks for Grey Teal fitted with 12g solar satellite transmitter
GPS tracks for Australian Wood Duck fitted with 17g solar satellite transmitters
Tracking banded ducks
Heart keys for 2021
When the rice was good
Wetlands & Wildlife
Behind Those Eyes
Behind Those Eyes
Hunting is better together
Cherish what you have and keep up the fight
Hunting Life
You can’t beat a good knife
Many parts to perfect shooting
The Spaniels
The Spaniels
Soothing old bones
Soothing old bones
How the fox was done
A good year for the foxes
Wine for Wetlands
Are you game to have the conversation?
Pheasant leg moutarde
Pheasant leg moutarde
Branches getting back to business

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